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The true definition of Fitness is the ability to complete a certain task without feeling exhausted. This task can be physical or mental but usually referred to as physical tasks.

Physical fitness is the result of consistent practice, therefore it needs to be a daily practice in your life. The lack of it will reduce your life expectancy and also decrease your quality of life. You need to be proactive in ensuring that your fitness will not be the reason why you spend your hard earned money at pharmacies, clinics and hospitals.

Start your fitness at home, work or in the gym. You may hate it at the start but gradually learn to love it. As human beings, we were designed to move, run and walk. We were never meant to sit behind the desk, eat continuously and get fat when we get older.

So how do you increase or improve your fitness?

Perform activities that will increase your heart rate and also build your muscle mass.

  • Walk more, from your office to your car; more around the mall, in a park
  • Use the stairs instead of the lift
  • Morning stretches
  • Take up some gym classes
  • Play a sport, football, basketball, sepak takraw, badminton, squash, futsal